We are happy to be among the TOP 50 proposals shortlisted by the jury for ‘FILM CITY TOWER: Bollywood Re-Imagined’ competition


Originally, "Bollywood" referred to the films made in the city of Bombay “Mumbai” in India. However, the term evolved to become the designation of an entire genre, where color, vitality, energy and extravagant show are the common ingredients.

The Film City Tower aims to create an exceptional landmark structure for Mumbai celebrating Bollywood success and which embodies burgeoning economic and cultural energy in India.

Our concept is a tribute to traditional Indian architecture, which often derives its forms from natural beauty. Keeping this in mind, two petals emerge above the “Mahin Bay”, dancing and rising up to the sky clearly expressing  homage to the Indian traditions and tribute to the flourishing future of Mumbai.  The concept of the tower is also inspired by the emotional power of Bollywood movies balancing between happiness and sadness, drama and success, traditions and modernity, and the elegant movement of dancers in “Sari” in the tremendous choreographies of Bollywood.

The intriguing cocoon façade envelop an innovative internal arrangement that allows column-free floors of different heights and thickness, tilted, sloping, open, double height, transparent, translucent, opaque, colored and green defined by a landscaped terrace with panoramic views across the city. Each design is also an answer to the energy efficiency objectives of the Tower. The curved skins are designed to protect from the sun and provide efficient energy with implemented solar panels, the garden roofs provides a natural fresh air and energy with vertical wind turbines, and finally a geothermic system using the bay water to cooling the air by an energy exchanger as application of the Canadian well (puits canadien) will provide the interior spaces with sustainable energy cooling/heating system.

Finally we designed a Tower for the city, connected with its people, a Tower that invite you to feel the heart of Bollywood and live at its rhythm but keep its secrets and mysteries intact.


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